Hitting Our Stride

We have completed our first week in New York City and I have to say it has been better than I’d hoped for. Because Melinda will be swamped with work once everything gets up and running at her store, we booked a number of things to do this first week while we knew she’d have some flexibility with her schedule. After landing last Saturday night, we went to the NY Giants v Cleveland Browns  game on Sunday, with my friend from kindergarten, Ron Ostermann, attended the Asian American Art Association’s 30th Anniversary Gala on Tuesday and completed the week at Jon Stewart’s Night of Too Many Stars, last night.

While Melinda was conducting her new employee training I was revisiting old haunts in the Chelsea area, forgetting how much of my life took place in this neighborhood. I stopped by my alma mater, Baruch College, my daily watering hole, The Old Town Bar, and former employers Barnes & Noble, Geer DuBois and A.I. Friedman. I wrapped up nostalgia week by having lunch with Tom Lynch, a high school classmate that I last saw in 1974.

This week the pace slows and we’ll be bike riding in Central Park on Tuesday afternoon, before watching the USMNT WCQ match at Smithfield’s, a local soccer pub. The next day we plan on visiting the Statue of Liberty (and Ellis Island if the day is long enough) and then catching the Seattle Sounders at Smithfield’s, again.

On Thursday, October 18th, we will be lining up early outside The Daily Show studio to ensure that we get seated for the show’s taping. The guest that evening: Barrack Obama, President of the United States.


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