Week Two: Reality Bites (Coughs & Sneezes)

After a fast start back in the city jumping right into seeing people, going places and doing things, week two knocked me on my ass with a nasty and long-lasting cold, complete with four days of fever and chills to go with the massive, head-clogging congestion, tear inducing sore throat and matching earache.  Walking Izaak 2 blocks to the dog park in the morning required a 2 1/2 hour nap to recover. Overall, It lasted 12 days and nights.

During this period Melinda fought off the worst of the symptoms (helped by her flu shot?) and worked 12-14 hour days training her 80 employees for the Grand Opening of the Times Square Microsoft Surface Store. On my better days I managed to walk uptown and meet her for the walk home at night, I hopped the LIRR out to Ron Ostermann’s house in Garden City, Long Island for the Giants v Redskins game and even went to dinner at Boqueria, with my niece Meagan and her husband Tom.

What we didn’t get to do was attend the taping of The Daily Show on October 18th that featured President Barack Obama. Reservation email in hand, I sweated my way up to the theater on 11th Avenue and 52nd Street to meet Melinda. Arriving at 11:20 A.M. for a 1 P.M. ticket distribution there were about 100 +/- people already lined up.Tickets were distributed at 1 PM sharp and at 1:10 P.M. the ticket dispensers were about 15 people away from us when a Secret Service agent walked down the line informing those of us without a blue ticket in hand that all tickets for the evening’s  show were gone and we could leave. We would not be getting into that days taping. Disappointed as I trudged back to the apartment, but watching TDS that night I learned that the reason we didn’t get tickets was that the USO had requested ~30 tickets for female troops that were in town; how can you be disappointed when these women warriors get a chance to see their Commander-in-Chief up close and personal? Anyway, I emailed TDS and explained the situation and they responded with guaranteed VIP tickets for the show on November 27th.  Win-Win.

I’m feeling better, Melinda’s store is open (more on that later) and life is good.


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