Sandy… NY won’t set herself on fire for me anymore


Subways shut, trains empty

storm surge, river rise

streets flood, subways flood.

homes flood.

Winds whip, facades fall

cranes break.

surge recedes, damage remains.

power out, lights out, heat out.

dark. alone. quiet. eerie quiet.

Sandy sounds like sirens.

wind howls, Izaak howls.

sirens wail. incessantly.

no trains. no people. no business.

power out.

day one. no light.

day coffee.

day three. no heat.

day four. no shower.

New York is two cities,


and no power.

dark and empty,

alive, functioning and not missing a beat


everybody walks



for food,

for water,

for connections.

people cluster at Starbucks


free wifi.



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