Getting Ready to Return

In five days Melinda and I will board a non-stop flight to New York City along with our dog, Izaak. We will leave behind most of our belongings, in a house we’ve been renting in Seattle, Washington, for the past 18 months. We will be staying in Manhattan through January 2013 and then… return? I don’t know, that part of the story has yet to be written. Melinda has taken on a high-profile, special project for her company and I have quit my job so I can accompany her.

I was born and raised in New York, Queens, to be exact, but I left in 1987 to be with the woman I love. I am returning for the same reason.

To mix a couple of sayings, there are 8 million stories in the city, “half of them are true and the other half just haven’t happened yet”. (The Angels Take Manhattan, written by Steven Moffat)

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.