Two Sides of the Same Pig


Two Sides of the Same Pig

Today, was our last day in Shanghai. Or maybe yesterday was our last day in Shanghai. It’s hard to tell. Anyway, we got up early, after our last sleep, and headed out for a walk around town before we had to fly back to Seattle (where we arrived this morning at 9 a.m.)
Shanghai isn’t exactly an early morning town; Starbucks doesn’t open up until 7 a.m. and the streets are pretty devoid of taxis, buses and scooters. But you still have to have your head on a swivel to avoid being run over by one of Shanghai’s ubiquitous electric scooters.
Waiting to cross Weihai Road, I saw a scooter approaching, driven by a middle-aged, shirtless man.As he zipped past I noticed that he had something strapped, overhanging both sides of the seat, behind him. It was a pig, split from nose to tail, bobbing along on his way to a street food vendor.
We went to the Four Seasons Hotel and ordered the breakfast buffet.
I had bacon.